A Touch of War - A Real Time Strategy Game for the DS

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Explosive Gas

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Explosive Gas is now available on your Xbox 360!

Head over to FlatheadGames.com for more info.


DS Version:
Explosive Gas v0.8 zip(2.5M)

Linux Version: (...It runs on my Intel/Ubuntu setup at least...)
(Out of date)Explosive Gas v0.7 zip(2.4M)

Windows Version:
Explosive Gas v0.8b zip(2.9M) - Updated: October 21st, 2016

Windows/Linux notes
  • Both the windows and linux version support up to 4 local players(the ds can only do 2), the interface's need serious work since the game was designed originially for the ds.
  • If you want to play 3 or 4 players, I suggest you map keys to joypads.
  • To rename your player, you need to rename the executable.
  • The controls are: (movement, drop bomb, fart)
    Player 1) up/left/down/right, insert, del
    Player 2) T/F/G/H, X, C
    Player 3) S/E/W/Q, 5, 4
    Player 4) L/P/O/I, -, =
  • To reduce cpu usage if you just want to run a dedicated server, start the game and use F1/F2 to Stop/Start the graphics and sound updates


Explosive Gas is a game some friends and I created for the ndshb WiFi Game Competition.

The game is fairly straightforward, be the last man standing(and not on fire) to get a point. The controls are simple as well, use the d-pad to move around, and hit any button to drop a bottle of hooch. When you start the game you can only drop one bottle and the flames from the explosion will only travel one square. Two powerups can be found in the old boxes and crates that are lying around, a can of gas, which will increase the range of your flames, and a two-four, which will allow you to drop more bottles at once.

In order to host a game, you'll need to have your router forward port 9999 to your ds. You can find the ip address of your ds on the wifi menu screen in the game. If you don't have port 9999 being forwarded to your ds, you can still host a LAN game, just be sure that the other ds's that try to join use the 'Join LAN game' option rather than the 'Join Game' option in the menus.

Source Code:
Here's the source code to the originally released version(0.2) of Explosive Gas. I'm releasing this with the hopes that some ds homebrew developers might find some of the code in there useful. I've fixed some reasonable severe bugs in the code since, but have also made a mess of it to a point that it barely runs, and don't have the time to fix it at the moment, so this old code will have to do.

As a side note, the art contained in the package is owned by Louis Dozois, and cannot be used without his permission. The music and sound effects are owned by Mike Keogh, and cannot be used without his permission. And lastly, the code is owned by me, and can be used however you like, but if you plan on using it for any commercial purpose, you should really find a new day job.

Also, please don't redistribute this code(unless it mysteriously disappears from this site), I haven't packaged it up properly.

Explosive Gas Source v0.2 7z(2.2M)