A Touch of War - A Real Time Strategy Game for the DS

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'ramming Santa

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DS Version:
'ramming Santa v0.3 zip(2.1M)


'ramming Santa is a game some friends and I created for the Drunken Coders Third Annual Christmas Game Coding Competition.

Your goal in this game is to program your player to pick up the gift and deliver it to any of the sleighs. You'll be competing against up to three other players, so watch that they don't push you into the water to slam into you to steal the gift you might be carrying.

Up to four players can play over Wifi, and a single player game with three AI's is included for practice.

Use the touchscreen to select the five commands you want to program your player with. If you take too long instructions will be picked at random for you.

Hosting Instructions:
In order to host a game, you'll need to have your router forward port 9999 to your ds. You can find the ip address of your ds on the wifi menu screen in the game. If you don't have port 9999 being forwarded to your ds, you can still host a LAN game, just be sure that the other ds's that try to join use the 'Join LAN game' option rather than the 'Join Game' option in the menus.