A Touch of War - A Real Time Strategy Game for the DS

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The L(or R) button is the only button you need, everything else is on the touch screen.
Select will reset and rerandomize the game.
  • Navigating
    • Tap L to swap the screens.
    • On Main Screen, Hold L and drag the pen to move the view. This can also be done with the d-pad.
    • On the minimap, just touch the screen or drag around to shift the view.
  • Selecting/Moving units
    • Touch a unit to select him, drag a box around several units to select them all.
    • Touch anywhere on the screen other than units/buildings to move the selected units there.
    • On the minimap screen, hold L and drag a box to select multiple units.
    • On the minimap screen, hold L and touch a location to make units move there.
  • Gathering/Building
    • Send workers near trees or gold mines to make them gather resources.
    • Send workers near newly placed buildings to make them build them.
    • In Defensive mode, workers will work on whatever is nearest them, and not stop working even if attacked.
    • In Offensive mode, workers will prefer attacking and repairing buildings over working.
    • If you have workers selected(you start with 2), you'll see two icons on the right side. Drag the House(H) icon to the left and onto the field to build a house, same for the Barracks(B).
    • Houses cost 125 wood and 125 gold, Barracks cost 75 of each, and towers cost 25 of each.
    • Houses produce more workers, select a house and touch the W icon to make one.
  • Military
    • Barracks produce infantry, archers, and cavalry.
  • Unit Groups
    • There are 9 slots for remembering/setting active groups.
    • Have a group of units or a building selected, tap an empty slot at the top left you want to assign it to.
    • Tap the number again to reselect those units.
    • Tap it with the group already selected to center the screen to their location.
    • Hold the number for a half second to erase the grouping.