A Touch of War - A Real Time Strategy Game for the DS

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CrossPics & Sumdoku

Here's a link to the game: CrossPics/Sumdoku
and one to the source code: Source
Last Updated: Mar 6th, 2006
Number of Crosspics puzzles: 6
Number of Sumdoku puzzles: 2

Added a new game, and with quite a bastardization of a name if there ever was one. I'm calling this one Sumdoku, other names I've seen are Killer Sudoku and Sum Sudoku. Same rules as sudoku, except there are regions on the board that show the sum of the numbers in that area. No number can appear twice in an area, so if it says 4, it has to be a 3 and a 1. Also, if you try to set the same number twice in the same spot, it'll change it's color. Useful to keep track of what you're positive about and what's just a guess.

As for Crosspics, everyone has a different name for these puzzles... Picross, Nonograms, Griddlers, etc...

It's pretty simple, just pick a puzzle and hit start.
Use the d-pad or the sides of the screen to switch pens.
Once you solve the puzzle, the grid will vanish.
Hit select to go back to the menu.

To create your own puzzle, hit start when you're in the game.
Draw your puzzle.
Hit Start again, to go back into play mode.
Solve your puzzle.... if you can do it logically, post a title and the numbers in the forum and I'll add it to the game.